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Farm Baseball Rules

1. Age Alignment: The age alignment will include players league age 8, 9 and 10 year-olds.

2. Game Length: A game will start no later than 15 minutes from its scheduled start time.

a. No new inning may start once 1:45 minutes has elapsed from the scheduled start time.

b. All games shall be stopped at two hours from the scheduled start time, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Scorebook:

Each team will be required to maintain a scorebook at each game for the primary purposes of recording runs scored, innings played, and pitches thrown. Players’ names will be recorded in the scorebook with last name and first initial. It is optional to post scores and keep standings for this division.

4. Adult Volunteers:

Only a total of THREE league approved adults are allowed in the dugout or on the field during a game. ONE adult must be always in the dugout per rule 4.05.

5. Umpires:

The home team shall be responsible to provide one approved adult volunteer umpire for each game. The home team umpire shall be positioned behind home plate. Volunteers MUST refrain from instructing players, or coaching, while umpiring.

6. Pitching:


Pitchers will be limited in accordance with Little League regulation VI.

Little League Playing Rules Pitch Count

Managers should agree on the pitch count for all pitchers at the completion of the game.

Each manager will enter their team pitch counts in their scorebooks.

•       For the 1st week of the season coaches will pitch the entirety of the game. 
        (5 pitches max, 6 if 5th pitch is foul/foul tip)

•       For weeks 2 & 3 of the season coaches will pitch innings 3, 4, 5, & 6 
        (5 pitches max, 6 if 5th pitch is foul/foul tip)

•       For week 4 of the season coaches will pitch inning 5 & 6 
        (5 pitches max, 6 if 5th pitch is foul/foul tip)

•       After week 4 of the season coaches will no longer pitch.

•       All balls and strikes will be counted as normal.

•       Coaches will pitch to their own teams. Coaches will pitch from a consistent distance, typically the base of the mound, or 40-42 feet.

•       The team on defense must still provide a Pitcher.

•       If the ball hits the coach, it is a dead ball, and the hitter is awarded first base and all other runners will advance one base.

•       No walks permitted. Upon the occurrence of ball four, the coach shall enter the game and pitch up to three (3) additional pitches to the batter. The strike count shall carry over from the player pitch. The at bat shall end on the sooner of (1) player putting the ball in play, (2) player swinging and missing at strike three, or (3) three pitches completed, and the ball is not put in play.

1. The player shall be automatically out upon the occurrence of (2) and (3).

2. In the event the third pitch by a coach is a “foul ball”, the at bat shall continue until #1 or #2 occur, or the coach completes additional pitch (s), and the ball is not put in play.

3. Swinging strikes only during the Coach Pitch portion of an at bat. The umpire shall call strikes during player pitch.

**The purpose of these rules is to encourage the development of pitchers, this has been expressed as one of the largest needs in our league the last few years, please bear with us as we develop this program together. **

7. Playing Rules: The following apply to this level of play:

a. A continuous batting order as described in rule 4.04 of the Little League rulebook shall be used.

b. The uncaught third strike rule shall not be used.

c. Infield fly shall be enforced.

d. Each team’s offensive inning will end when that team has scored five (5) runs or the defense has recorded three (3) outs, whichever comes first.

e. A batter will reach base either by putting the ball in play or hit by a player thrown pitch.

f. The (8), (10) or (15) run rule shall be utilized in accordance with Rule 4.10(e).

g. Bunting is permitted at any time.

h. Per LLI rules, base stealing is allowed after the pitched ball has crossed the plate. No stealing is allowed once the pitcher has control of the ball and is on the pitching mound. No stealing on balls pitched by a coach.

8. Playing Time:

a. Unlimited substitutions between innings. No player will sit for more than two innings per game. Players shall not play more than two innings at the same defensive position (except Pitcher and Catcher).

b. Ten players must be used. Nine may be used of only nine are available. When ten are used, four must be in the outfield. Outfielders must be positioned at least fifteen feet behind the baseline. If a team does not have nine players to start or continue a game, the opposing team may lend them the last batter of the previous inning for play to make nine defensive players.

9. Protests:

 Protests are not permitted in the minor divisions of play.

10. Rescheduling Games:

a. Managers are expected to confirm in advance of each game the location, time, and field; and status of inclement weather, if pending.

b. Inclement Weather: All efforts should be made to play games safely in inclement weather.

1. A minimum two-hour notice is to be provided if a game is cancelled due to weather. Failure to provide proper notice may be grounds for forfeiting and the game will not be rescheduled.

2. If a two-hour notice is not possible, failure to show up at the field to greet and notify the team of the cancellation shall be grounds for forfeit and the game will not be rescheduled.

c. Cancelled games due to field conditions or school activities are not required to be rescheduled.

d. Cancelled games due to player availability, other than school activity, shall NOT be rescheduled.

e. Teams should play a minimum of twelve games per season.

f. Reschedule Procedure: Rescheduling of games shall be the responsibility of the managers.

1. It is the responsibility of the home team manager to provide a field for a rescheduled game

2. The following rescheduled game information must be provided to the scheduler:

i. Game Number

ii. Reason for Cancellation or Reschedule

iii. New game date, time, and location.

**SCLL will follow all D1 and LLI rules for Farm games**

**All players league age 9-10 will be evaluated at tryouts and based on the evaluation, placed in the Minor-League Farm Division or the Minor-League AAA Division. **


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