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Rookie Softball Rules

The Washington District 1 Rookie Division of Softball shall play by the official Little League Rules and Regulations. In addition, Stanwood Camano Little League has approved the following rules for purposes of proper instruction, rule emphasis and safety of players and volunteers. 

1. Age Alignment: The age alignment will include players league ages 7 and 8 and qualifying 6-year-olds. 

2. Game Length. One hour and 30 minutes. A game will start no later than 15 minutes from its scheduled start time. 

a. No new inning may start once one hour, and 15 minutes has elapsed from the scheduled start time. 

b. All games shall be stopped at one hour and 30 minutes from the scheduled start time, NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Scorebook. Each team will be required to maintain a scorebook at each game for the primary purpose of recording runs scored. Players’ names will be recorded in the scorebook with last name and first initial. Scores will not be posted, and standings will not be kept in this division. 

4. Adult Volunteers. Only a total of FOUR league approved adults are allowed in the dugout or on the field during a game. ONE adult must be always in the dugout area per rule 4.05. 

5. Volunteers on the field

a. Offensive Team. The team at bat shall position one coach in each the first and the third base coach’s boxes, respectively, and one coach at the pitcher’s position. 

b. Defensive Team. The defensive team may position up to two volunteers on the field. One may be positioned near home plate in foul territory, and another positioned between the infielders and outfielders. 

6. Umpires. The 1st and 3rd base coaches will also function as the respective base umpires. The defensive team coaches on the field will umpire 2nd base and home plate. 

7. Softballs. The softballs used in this division of play shall be 11” safety softballs. 

8. Pitching Rules

a. Pitching shall be at 35 feet. The pitching coach may not direct base runners. 

b. The defensive team will provide a player pitcher who will be positioned a safe distance from the pitching coach. All live balls hit to the pitcher’s position must be fielded by a player; coaches will not field a live ball. 

c. All batted balls hit into fair territory will be considered a “live” ball. 

d. Pitches to a Batter

i. Coach/Machine Pitch Only. Games played on or before 04/22/2023. The batter will receive up to four (4) pitches to put the ball in play. After the fourth pitch, a batting tee will be allowed. 

ii. Coach Pitch/Machine Only. Games played between 5/6/2023 and 05/13/2023. The batter will receive up to five (5) pitches to put the ball in play. After five (5) pitches the batter will be out if the batter does not put the ball in play. If the batter fouls the fifth (5th) pitch they will get one additional pitch to put into play or the batter shall be out. 

iii. Coach/Machine Pitch and Player Pitch. Games played beginning 05/20/2023 and thereafter. Player pitch shall be introduced. Players shall pitch the first two innings and Coaches shall pitch the last four innings or until time limit has been reached, whichever comes first. If a pitcher is not doing well, it may be best to remove them as a pitcher, instead of having them continue to struggle through two innings.

No walks permitted during player pitch. Upon the occurrence of ball four, the coach shall enter the game and pitch up to three (3) additional pitches to the batter. The at bat shall end on the sooner of (1) player putting the ball in play (2) player swinging and missing at strike three or (3) three pitches completed, and the ball is not put in play. 

1. Upon the occurrence of (2) or (3) the batter shall be declared out.

e. If a batted or thrown ball hits the pitching coach, the play will be declared dead and all runners, including the batter, will advance one base. 

f. The catcher will throw all pitched balls not hit by the batter, back to the pitcher after each pitch. 

Ensuring proper arm care techniques is an important part when introducing pitching. This will include proper warmups, pitching technique, and proper rest. 

Pitch Count - A player may pitch in a maximum of twelve (12) innings in a day. If a player pitches in seven (7) or more innings in a day, one day of calendar rest is mandatory. Since our players will only pitch two innings this should not be an issue.

9. Playing Rules

a. A continuous batting order as described in rule 4.04 of the Little League rulebook shall be used. 

b. The dropped 3rd strike rule shall not be used. 

c. Each team’s offensive inning will end when that team has scored five (5) runs or the defense has recorded three (3) outs, whichever comes first. 

d. The 8, 10 or 15 run rule will not be utilized. 

e. Overthrows/Extra Bases. Players shall not advance on an overthrow. Players can earn an extra base for a hit that passes beyond the outfielders (advancing at their own risk of being tagged out). 

f. Playing Time. Unlimited substitutions between innings. No player will sit for more than two innings per game. Players shall not play more than two innings at the same defensive position (except Catcher may play up to three innings). Managers are encouraged to provide every player with the opportunity to play an infield position in each game. 

g. Ten players must be used, if available. When ten are used, four must be in the outfield. 

h. Outfielders must be positioned at least fifteen feet behind the baseline. 

i. Six Players are required to start a game. 

j. Bunting. Bunting is not permitted. 

k. Stealing. Stealing is not permitted. 

10. Protests. Protests are not permitted in the Rookies division of play. 

11. Rescheduling Games

a. Managers are expected to confirm in advance of each game the location, time, and field; and status of inclement weather, if pending. 

b. Inclement Weather. All efforts should be made to play games safely in inclement weather. 

1. A minimum two-hour notice is to be provided if a game is cancelled due to weather. Failure to provide proper notice may be grounds for forfeitingand the game will not be rescheduled. 

2. If a two-hour notice is not possible, failure to show up on the field to greet and notify the team of the cancellation shall be grounds for forfeit and the game will not be rescheduled. 

c. Cancelled games due to field conditions or school activities are required to be rescheduled.

d. Cancelled games due to player availability, other than school activity, shall be rescheduled.

e. Teams should play a minimum of twelve games per season.

f. Reschedule Procedure. Rescheduling of games shall be the responsibility of the managers. 

1. It is the responsibility of the home team manager to provide a field for a rescheduled game 

2. The following rescheduled game information must be provided to the league schedule: 

i. District Schedule Game Number 

ii. Reason for Cancellation or Reschedule 

iii. New game date, time, and location.


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